Paintwork Correction

Paint correction involves removing common paint defects which are commonly found on everyday cars. These imperfections include light scratches, swirl marks, bird stains, tree sap, water marks, buffer trails etc. This process also restores faded paint (e.g. red paint that has faded to pink).

Paint correction saves a lot of time and money having to repaint when in fact there is no need to. Most of these problems are easily visible in direct sunlight and certain lights, even at night time.

Through the use of various different techniques, machine polishers and different polishing compounds a highly polished finish is created. The process is finished with the application of a high quality wax sealant.

In the majority of cases, all of the paint defect mentioned above can be totally removed from all types of paintwork. The visual impact of the car is dramatically improved as the newly restored, and glass like paintwork, can reflect light in a near perfect manner.