Fuel Saving

Are you fed up with the cost of fuel? Are you looking to cut the costs of motoring? WVS Can help!

If you want to save money on the forever rising fuel prices and help with the expense of running a vehicle, then our new ‘Fuel Saving Package’ is for you. We have developed this package with just one thing in mind, saving fuel and reducing motoring costs!

Here is a quick insight into our unique package:

Intense Diagnostic Checks using our Rolling Road / Dyno to check engine condition and performance.

ECU Recalibration / Remap (Individually set-up on our Rolling Road Dyno) – Efficient Engine Running, Smoother Drive ability, Performance Increase and Improved MPG.

4 Wheel Alignment (Complete set-up) – Improved MPG, Reduced Tyre Wear, Improved Handling, Safer Driving and Save Money & The Environment.

A 50 Point Vehicle Health Check – A thorough check of your vehicle including the vital parts in which are required in order to achieve maximum MPG checked and if required replaced.

Through research and development we have achieved a minimum increase of 10% in fuel economy.

Prices starting from as little as £280, dependent on make and model of your vehicle.